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What makes Castle Bay different than from other manufacturers?

There are many compliance options, but choosing solid stainless steel is the best and here's why...

I.COATINGS the insides of the faucets BUT

  • Lead is still in faucets
  • Lead is still mined
  • Lead is still smelted
  • Lead is still in your kitchen
  • Lead is still ends up in our landfills
  • Lead is still in our environment ... and lead may still end up in you.

    II.NON PROVEN MATERIALS such as other copper based lead-free materials BUT

  • They require decorative finishes and chrome plating
  • Harmful chemicals, i.e., acid, is used in the plating process
  • Natural resources are used to bond the finishes to the products.

  • Castle Bay faucets are built to last with solid lead-free stainless steel construction. They feature ceramic cartridge technology for easy maintenance and precise regulation of water flow.