With about 70% of the Earth covered in water, it's easy to assume that we'll never run out. However, in most under-developed countries where water is scarce, people already understand the importance of conserving this precious resource. The good news is that we can all make a difference just by making a few small changes to our daily habits.

Castle Bay faucets are built to last with solid stainless steel construction. They feature ceramic cartridge technology for easy maintenance and precise regulation of water flow.

Our ceramic cartridge lessens the chance of leaking and provides a long lasting working faucet. Lesser replacement of the faucets means greener to the environment.

Neoperl aerator, used in OEM faucet and shower products or installed as retrofit devices can help plumbing engineers, building designers or operators earn one or two LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) points in the category Materials and Resources, Resource Reuse (Credit type 3) for a 20% or 30% reduction of water use beyond the level set for plumbing fixtures by the Energy Policy Act of 1992:

* flow rates already available in the NEOPERL's range of flow regulators or faucet aerators

LEED is a registered trademark of the US Green Building Council. For more information on green building initiatives in North America visit www.usgbc.org or www.cagbc.ca For more details on ASHRAE standards please visit www.ashrae.org.

Water Conservation Starts at Home

Tips on Saving Water

Increasing water efficiency to reduce the water consumption in a home.

Replace your older 2.75 gpm showerhead with a 1.75 water-conserving showerhead and you can save more than 7,700 gallons of water per year

Always turn off the faucet when you are not using. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving to save water.

Ever thought of collecting rains to water your plants? Use leftover water for houseplants, instead of pouring water away.

Use the appropriate water level and load size on the washing machine when doing laundry. Consider purchasing a front-load washing machine.

Water is vital to our life. Let's work together to prevent water from potential contaminants that can affect water quality and taste.

Always innovate new ways in manufactured processes to preserve and maintain our natural resources.