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Castle Bay's new technology reflects recent legislation in California and Vermont that will take effect on January 1, 2010. California's AB1953 and Vermont's S152 focus on the amount of lead used in the manufacture of faucets. California have passed a new law for the California state that bans all pipes of copper, metal connectors and sanitary ware, faucets etc if it leaches contents of lead is more than 0.25 percent.

"Making its journey from industrial kitchens to homes with increasing momentum, stainless steel is a timeless trend, designer favorite and one of the most popular materials in kitchen design." (Kitchen and Bath Design News, March 2008, Product Trend Report)

The worldwide trend is already moving toward stainless steel kitchenware. The sight of copper tableware and kitchenware in the market is diminishing. Many tableware and kitchenware items such as knife, fork, spoon, kitchen sink and good worktop are all made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is the material of choice for commercial kitchens worldwide due to its resilient surface and immunity to the acidic effects of food.

The current international market trends of stainless steel bathware and kitchenware is an irreversible trend of times. Using stainless steel bathware and kitchenware products is the choice of human progress and civilization.

Stainless steel has an outstanding performance which other metals do not have. Stainless steel is more than two times in rigidity and toughness. It never rust nor deform. It is a durable and recyclable material which will be widely used in various field with the changing times.

From the point of view of environmental protection, the demand of stainless steel for water supply and treatment equipments will expand because of its excellent corrosion resistance. In Europe, we are seeing increasing applications of stainless steel for building bridges, highways, and tunnels and this trend is expected to be all over the world.

Castle Bay stainless steel faucet technology is ahead of many of our competitors by offering quality and lead free faucets to consumers at an affordable price.